GPL, Premium, Crack, or Null some words (Themes & Plugins)

GPL, Premium, Crack, or Null some words (Themes & Plugins)

I hope you are well. Many people are asking what is GPL / Premium and Crack or Null. What is the difference between them?

Many people don’t know that themes/plugins need to be bought with money. Especially those who are new to WordPress. They think all themes, and plugins are available for free. But actually not like that. Good quality themes are paid for and these themes get regular updates.

Anyway, let’s get to the main topic of the post. Let’s know what is GPL, Premium, Null, or Crack.


We hear the name GPL a lot while downloading themes or plugins. But what exactly is the GPL? The full General Public License of the GPL is the full GNU General Public License. That is, GPL is a type of license.

It is a type of license that gives users complete freedom. Suppose you download a GPL theme, now you can edit and use the core functions of that theme as you wish. The same goes for any other software.

GPL theme downloaded from the original author. GPL theme does not require any modification to use it. When you install a GPL theme, you are not obligated to license it. Can use without a license key but will not get an auto-update.


Let’s say one thing, “All GPL themes can be premium themes but not all premium themes can be GPL”. A little crazy. But if you think carefully, you will understand.

Is a license required to use the premium theme? You can never use the premium theme without a license key. Activation of this theme with the license key is mandatory. Which is contrary to the GPL.

Null or Crack

Premium themes are cracked to bypass the license key. This is why null or crack themes are often modified to bypass the license key.

Null or cracked themes may contain viruses/malware.

Note: I have described the post with a “theme” to facilitate your understanding of the post. Plugins or other software or images are the same.

some words

➤ Auto update is not available in the GPL theme but you can use it without a license key.

➤ A premium theme costs around $60. So never get a premium theme for free without GPL.

➤ Using GPL themes is legal.

➤ Genuine GPL can also be purchased.

➤ Use a Premium theme for professional sites.

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