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Elementor Pro Plugins are one of the tools of the WordPress site that meet the needs of the user by using certain functional commands. And the contribution of plugins is the most for the success and popularity of WordPress. With plugins, you can control the structure of your site. You can control the content/posts of your site with plugins. In short, you can find as many plugins as you want in the plugins directory of WordPress. Like WordPress themes, plugins are created using a number of files. You can install plugins in two ways for a WordPress site. Directly from WordPress dashboard (Plugin) and upload to server with FTP software. WordPress is designed in such a way that anyone can add their own code to it. It is possible to modify the functionality of WordPress through the WordPress plugin API. WordPress developers are given the opportunity to use the WordPress database. Every plugin you install is included in the WordPress database. You can activate and deactivate plugins as you wish.


Features of Elementor Pro:

  1. Drag n Drop editor
  2. Front-end editor
  3. Live preview
  4. No dangerous results on website efficiency
  5. Allows to import and export templates
  6. Support of 35+ pre-built templates
  7. Multiple advertising instruments and plugins help
  8. Multiple typography selections
  9. Enables a place of inline elements
  10. Font Awesome icons help
  11. Permits to construct mobile-responsive pages
  12. Landing web page builder
  13. Popup Builder
  14. Schema markup assists the ranking system
  15. Drag and Drop theme builder
  16. Allows to create of customized submit templates
  17. Can construct inventive 404 and search pages moreover

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Elementor Pro has many Widget:

  1. Heading.
  2. Image.
  3. Text Editor.
  4. Video
  5. Button
  6. Image Box.
  7. Testimonials.
  8. Icon.
  9. Icon Box.
  10. Social Icons.
  11. Image Gallery.
  12. Image Carousel.
  13. Icon List.
  14. Counter.
  15. Progress Bar.
  16. Tabs.
  17. Accordion.
  18. Toggle.
  19. Star Rating.
  20. Alert.
  21. HTML.
  22. Shortcode.
  23. Menu Anchor.
  24. Read More.
  25. Sidebar.
  26. Google Maps.
  27. SoundCloud.
  28. Divider.
  29. Spacer.
  30. Columns.
  31. Text Path, ext.

How to install:

1. Fast, go to the WordPress admin panel

2. Select the Plugin Option

3. Press the Add New button

4. Upload the Elementor Profile by clicking on Import

5. Install the plugin

6. Install then activate and enjoy all premium features






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