Frequently Asked Questions

What am I need to do to start the website?

You need a domain and hosting to build the website. Message me I will help you.

Will I Be Able To Manage My Website Later On My Own?

Yes, of course! This is one of the factors that make your investment in my services worthwhile. You won’t need to engage someone on a regular basis to do simple things on your website because we will give you a lot of really useful information that will simplify your life.

Do You Provide Licenses For The WordPress Themes Or Plugins You Use?

No, we can use the premium plugins or themes we’ve paid for, but if you want to regularly receive updates from the developers, you’ll need to pay for your own license.

Why Do You Charge A Little Bit More Than Other Sellers?

Despite the slightly elevated cost, you will receive a lot of extra services. # After Sales Support # I use licensed themes and plugins to make the website secure # Speed and SEO optimization # Google Console submission # Making a video instruction for you # Activate the live chat and newsletter features

Do You Provide Free Support If You Change the Layout Or Add New Pages/Sections?

Any text or image changes you require are free of charge. A minor fee based on the quantity of work will apply if you need to modify the design or add content.

Give Me More Information About The Post-Sale Support

Three months of assistance are incorporated into my Standard & Premium packages. I’ll take care of any problems, update plugins as necessary, and make any minor adjustments and fixes throughout that period.

Do I Lose Out on Support If I Purchase The Basic Package?

certainly not, I will provide you FREE help for a week if you purchase the basic package. A nominal fee will be charged based on the assignment if you require additional assistance.

After we launch the site, will I have the ability to edit it myself?

Of sure, I say. For the website, I utilize an approachable visual builder (for all my packages). You can quickly update the site’s graphics, content, headings, etc. with the use of a visual builder. I’ll send you a video lesson for editing your website once we’re done.

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